Joanna Bridge

 Singer, Joanna Bridge, was shot in Amsterdam West when she was just an 11 year old girl.
Aalsmeer- An event that took place on Christmas Eve, 1981. Joanna managed to flee the house as a little traumatized girl, in order to get her mother and brother freed.
Now, almost 40 years later, she is ready to share her story. The past has haunted her in some way, yet she has never given up and has continued to fight for her happiness.
Joanna: "I am happy to LIVE"
Her goal for 2020: with my theater show, I want to especially inspire children, and people in general, to never give up - because there is always a way - a safe way back to yourself and the positive people around you.
Joanna will perform with her theater show: “Surviving for Dummies”, on May 15 in the Griffioen Theater in Amstelveen.
Only now does she dare to look back on her childhood. Who were those people who helped free her mother and brother? Who was taken hostage to free her brother? A story about some harsh facets of life.
Joanna Bridge, a woman who has faced tough challenges - both as a child and as a mother. Still, it has made her the woman and singer she is today. A strong woman who does not shy away from a challenge. Like no other, Joanna can talk, or sing in her case, to people and children about life. A singer who has experienced and felt just about every emotion in life. At the end of 2019, she wrote the song “Broken Mirror”. A song about her son with ADHD, and her now deceased brother.
“Broken Mirror” is about the fact that you can see how beautiful and special a loved one is, but he or she doesn't see it. The fight as a parent or family member to have them look in the mirror at themselves and show them what you see. How difficult it is to let go of someone, so that they can find the right path to themselves.
The fact that she managed to get up as an 11-year-old girl after being shot, says something about her strength and will to survive. Never give up and fight for your Life!!
Release single - "gebroken spiegel" is planned for august 2020
Joanna Bridge "You can't get around it"