Rosanna Hofman

Rosanna comes from a very musical family, where she brought up on singing and playing guitar. Her father was a great fan of Jazz music and played it regularly. As a 16-year-old, she was asked by her brother-in-law to participate as a singer in the band: "The News". She had the opportunity to tour the country and develop herself, in addition to taking singing lessons and attending music school.
In the 80s, Rosanna was one of the singers of the band: "Lobo and the Pearls". In 1981. they had a number 1 hit in the National Hit Parade and the BRT Top 30 with: "The Caribbean Disco Show", a medley of old hits by Harry Belafonte. In the UK, the record reached 8th place.
For some years, Rosanna has been shining like no other in the well-known band: ‘Sonny's Inc’, and the ladies act: ‘Sisters’.
In 2003, she started her solo career and in 2006 she recorded her first album with Hans Vermeulen in Thailand. In between (1999-2005), she has been active as one of the permanent backing vocals for Gerard Joling and she sings in the group: ‘EVE’, with Marlayne Sahupala and others. René Froger and Lee Towers also regularly call on her services.
Since 2015, she has had a strong inclination to go more on the jazzy side. She now has several songs by Sade, Dinah Washington, Etta James and Sarah Vaughan in her repertoire. It suits her perfectly ……….
Rosanna currently has her own theater tour of various theaters in the Netherlands