The Cherries


This fantastic phenomenal vintage vocal swing act should not be missed! It’s as if these ladies were the embodiment of The Andrews Sisters themselves! Complete with swinging choreographies, beautiful vintage outfits and the oh-so-familiar three-part close-harmony vocals, they will take you back to a bygone era with their energetic performance – both as original ‘Cherries’, but also as Andrews Sisters look-alikes.

Three great singers from the top drawer. Easy on the eye & ear, these three ladies have made their mark both at home and abroad.
Maaike Widdershoven, has played more than 15 leading roles for all major theater productions and has three major musical awards to her name - so she’s certainly top of the show biz game!
Yolanda Germain has performed in major musical productions at home and abroad and has been a much sought-after singer and choreographer in dinner shows and many music theater production for many years.
Karen Levin, has played beautiful roles since she was 11 and has also starred in many major musical productions. For the past 4 years, she has toured the country in 30 theaters with her own cabaret / theater show.
A selection of the musicals in which the ladies have appeared:
The Phantom of the Opera, Anatevka, Elisabeth, My Fair Lady, Fame, The Sound of Music. Your party gets an extra dimension with these scrumptious cherries on top of the cake: The Cherries!