DJ Marnix

About 100,000 listeners tuned in Marnix Bakker unnoticed every day. As a program maker of RTL Lounge Radio, he literally sets the right tone, when a relaxed atmosphere is desired. As an RTL Lounge jock, or as a resident DJ of the famous Hilversum: ‘Soul kitchen Café’, Marnix invariably guarantees the right mix between funky grooves and down tempo lounge. From an unique location in central Amsterdam: the top floor of ‘The Heineken Experience’ in the ‘Koelschip’, he presented no fewer than 13 editions of RTL Lounge Live. Having performed In the before and after programs of Waylon, Candy Dulfer & Jett Rebel, DJ Marix, together with saxophonist Joshua Serrão, always guarantees a fabulous show.