iAne - Vocal DJ

A multi-talent with a passion for music, that's iAne!

She was only four when her father learned to play her keyboard,

in Padang on Sumatra (Indonesia). When she was ten, iAne first appeared on stage as a singer and immediately felt: I don't want to get rid of this anymore.

In 2003 iAne came to the Netherlands. She performed with various bands across Europe and was very successful in Indonesian music. But when she started experimenting with a simple DJ set in 2008,

a new world opened up to her and mixing became her new passion.

For example, together with her partner Rody, she recorded Indonesian dangdut music with only Dutch musicians and they were at the cradle of a lively jam movement with their monthly jam sessions in Almere. In addition,

they developed the Smooth Sundays: afternoons with jazzy lounge DJ music with vocals from iAne and live musicians.

2016 she started her own record label Tjoens and recorded iAne tracks with big names like Dutchflower, Leon Sherman and Wulf.

And with success: "Love Blind" came in at number 15 on the dance chart DB962 Dance Report and "I Turned into Us" at number 12!

in 2020 there is a world release on the agenda!


Multi-talent: vocal DJ, singer and co-producer Unique DJ performances with live musicians and their own singing! Charming, born entertainer with a lot of international stage experience Available for exclusive performances and corporate events.